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Country IP

Do you know where your website visitors are from? Given their IP address, this page will give you a location. Enhanced by live data from njabl.org and psbl.surriel.com, this will also tell you whether it is used in connection with sending spam. details...

Online Antivirus Scan

If you have received a suspicious file, upload it to our Online Virus Scanner - with virus definitions less than 24 hours old, it will tell you if it is okay or not. details...

DNS Lookup

Query a DNS server for all sorts of domain name related stuff. This page is similar to other services on the web, except that it also shows country information. The DNS server you wish to query can be the name of any name server, not just an IP address. details...

Decode "JScript.Encode"

All will be revealed! Are you looking at the HTML code for a web page, and notice a line '<script language="JScript.Encode">' followed by lots of random stuff? This page will decode it for you. details...

Extract WINMAIL.DAT attachments

Have you been sent a WINMAIL.DAT attachment and don't know what to do with it? This page will extract any files that have been stored in the WINMAIL.DAT file. details...

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) keys

A 128-bit WEP key is an okay way to secure your wireless network. Here are some random keys... there's also an issue you must be aware of. details...

Currency Converter

Quickly convert between currencies with this online currency converter. details...

Power Supply Manufacturers

Who really manufacturered the power supply in your computer? Together with your hard drive, the power supply makes up the two most critical components in your pc. A cheap power supply is very likely to cause problems, so make sure yours is up to spec. details...

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