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Windows Update for Netscape? Yes, it is possible...

Virus samples on this page are real viruses!

Click on any of the links below to view actual virus source code. These are stored as plain text files and so will not cause any problems when viewed using your web browser, or notepad. However, since most of these are actual unmodified viruses, your virus scanner will complain. If you leave them as TXT (text) files, they will not cause any problems. The links on the left are to sanitized HTML files - you'll be able to see the virus code, but your virus scanner should not complain.

Avoiding Viruses - This article explains 10 ways to cut down on viruses

We have only included source code for a small fraction of the viruses out in the wild to show you how easy it is to write one. Making public the source for viruses, will not make any impact to the huge number of viruses out there - virus writers are aware of the loop-holes and procedures used by these viruses anyway.

Most of these viruses are written using VBS, (VBS = paradise for virus writers, courtesy of Microsoft - disable it, and install MS Virtual Machine or Java Virtual Machine instead) and are normally sent by email. If you are looking for examples on bad code then here they are!

Time has proven that Microsoft's version of javascript, "JScript" is very insecure. JS/Seeker.B is an example of what can be done with it. What is particularly bad here, it that the JScript program is encoded. There will always be security problems with Microsoft software, and viruses will always exist until "YOU" decide to use software from another vendor.

Think about it: how many times would you send an email that has a VBS program that you've written?

Please don't ask us to help you write a virus. We have much better things to do with our time.

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