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Do you pre-install Windows via a network adaptor (bootable dos disk/cd)? This little program will detect your network hardware, reconfigure Windows Networking to support that card, and also generate a random machine name. Supports PCI and many ISA network cards.

Technically, this software is obsolete now - you should be using Windows PE, but it's still here.

filename: SETNET.ZIP
size: octets. ; download time: 0:00:00 at 4K/sec
description: automatically configure NDIS2 networking
date: 1970.01.01
operating system: DOS/Win.311

Supported ISA NIC Cards:

  • DE220 at 200h ... 360h
  • GE2000 at 200h ... 360h
  • Intel Etherexpress TP16 at 300h ... 370h
  • Novell NE2000 or compatible at 300h
  • SMC8000 or compatible at 200h .. 3F0h
  • 3COM or compatible

Most PCI network cards are supported, however many manufacturers of newer cards do not supply NDIS2 drivers for their products.

Installation Instructions: (Assuming you want a bootable floppy)

This one’s a little complicated. Copy the SETNET.EXE and SETNET.INI files you have downloaded to the root directory of a bootable floppy. Then you need some DOS 6.xx network files (Win9x ones look at the registry, which is not needed). Create a directory called A:\NET, and place the following files in it:

 Volume in drive A is OPK_BOOT
 Directory of A:\NET

.              <DIR>        19/04/99  16:56 .
..             <DIR>        19/04/99  16:56 ..
ifshlp   sys         4,644  26/05/95  22:57 IFSHLP.SYS
ndishlp  sys         4,468  26/05/95  22:57 NDISHLP.SYS
net      exe       450,342  26/05/95  22:57 NET.EXE
net      msg        76,234  26/05/95  22:57 NET.MSG
protman  dos        21,940  26/05/95  22:57 PROTMAN.DOS
protman  exe        13,782  26/05/95  22:57 PROTMAN.EXE
setup    inf         1,531  26/05/95  22:57 SETUP.INF
wcsetup  inf         1,477  26/05/95  22:57 WCSETUP.INF
wfwsys   cfg           840  26/05/95  22:57 WFWSYS.CFG
system   ini           410  19/04/99  16:31 SYSTEM.INI
protocol ini           522  19/04/99  16:31 PROTOCOL.INI
ne2000   dos        13,964  26/07/97   1:31 NE2000.DOS
exp16    dos        10,478  01/11/93  16:11 EXP16.DOS
pcind    dos        14,655  02/12/95   0:46 PCIND.DOS

The last three are optional. Include the *.DOS files for any network card that will be used by SETNET

Place the line “DEVICE=A:\NET\IFSHLP.SYS” in your CONFIG.SYS file; modify SYSTEM.INI to suit your network — see the above example; make sure there’s a section in the PROTOCOL.INI file for each of your ISA network cards describing I/O address, IRQ and anything else that’s needed. The name of the section must match that in the SETNET.INI file — but more about that later.

Place a “CALL A:\STARTNET.BAT” in your AUTOEXEC.BAT, then create an A:\STARTNET.BAT batch file containing the commands to establish a network connection:

setnet A:\NET /C
a:\net\net start workstation
a:\net\net use Z: \\SERVER\C
Change the last line to whatever you want. The “A:\NET” in the SETNET line refers to the location of the SYSTEM.INI and PROTOCOL.INI files; the /C generates a random computer name
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